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Birthdate:Feb 23
Age: About 17, but because he can't retain energy well he looks very young in his human form. Physically looks about 8-10, mentally he's about 2-3
Race: Incubus, male form of a Succubus.
Sex: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Height: About 4'6
Weight: About 90 lbs
Sexual orientation: Gay...and really likes sex kind of needs it to live
Abilities: Can drain energy to live, and when he is stressed out he changes sex, from Male to Female.
Roommate: N/A
Adopted by: N/A
Food list/partners: Sebastian, Shiki, Byakko
Punishments: N/A
Deaths: None.
Items: His stuffed bunny and a shirt Takashi gave him to wear.

Likes: Food, eating, his bunny, Takashi, Hiro, did I mention food(aka Sex)?
Dislikes: Punishment, not eating

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